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  Give the gift of health this holiday season! Pure water faucets are 100% stainless steel so they won’t leech lead into your water! For more information about the Pure Water Series check out our blog: !

Light up your family and friends’ homes with this beautiful pendant light or get one to make your own home look its best this holiday season!

  These solar house numbers are a great stocking stuffer or buy them for your own home so that your holiday guests can find your house with ease!

A hand shower is a great addition to any bathroom, give the gift of luxury and convenience this holiday season or install one in your own home for you and your holiday guests to use!

  A Natural Water Bidet would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list! No batteries needed, no unforeseen electric shocks, self-cleaning, and promotes general hygiene for all! What are the benefits of using a bidet? Bacteria doesn’t  have as much opportunity to grow because it is washed away. 80% of all infectious diseases are passed on … Read more

Looking for a ‘Green Gift’ for someone on your list? Solar garden lamps are a great gift to beautify a home or get your own home ready for your guest with this great way to light the pathways around your home!

    Give your friends and family the gift of convenience this holiday season or install a garburator to help with clean-up after your holiday parties!

Make a statement with the Colour of the month: BLACK! Black is the color of coal, obsidian, and the night sky. It is the very darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. It is modern, elegant, and timeless and can make a dramatic statement when contrasted with stark white. … Read more

 We have a number of new and exciting products in our showrooms, check out our new flyer to get a taste of what we have available in store!