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A hand shower is a great addition to any bathroom, give the gift of luxury and convenience this holiday season or install one in your own home for you and your holiday guests to use! 0000

  Give your friends and family the gift of a luxurious shower with this 10″ rain shower head! You can also install one in your own shower so any holiday guests can have a luxurious and relaxing shower experience during their stay! 0000

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SaveMore has a number of different styles and sizes of shower heads so you can choose one that suits your home’s style and makes your bathroom feel like a spa! 0000

This modern style tub & shower kit would be an excellent way to bring some style and luxury to your bathroom! Look for more great deals in our full flyer! 0000

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Day 10 – Hand Shower $99

December 14th, 2011 | Posted by SaveMore in bathroom | sale | Shower - (0 Comments)

This distinctive modern style hand shower would go a long way for anyone remodelling their bathroom. List Price: $158.00 0000