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Did you know how our ULTIMATE flushing machine works?

November 20th, 2009 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Save More Plumbing and Lighting is proud to introduce our Total Ultimate Flushing Toilet — EVTB!

EVTB dual-flush toilet, with a 3-inch flushing valve, is highly powerful, functional and efficient.

Our most advanced flushing system:

OUT & OUT Flushing System
features a trap way with a diameter of larger than 2″, complemented by our super powerful jet siphonic flushing function.

Highlighting exceptional flushing performances, our total ultimate toilet not only incorporates the advanced OUT & OUT powerful flushing system, but it also employs a whole new technology to ensure a balanced water distribution. Thus, it is proven to have low water consumption and also cost-effective. With only one flush, you will get a highly satisfied result without any blockages!

In addition, EVTB has a soft-close and an easy-clean seat where both the surface and trap channels employ an easy-clean Glazing. The Easy-Clean Glazing has a smooth surface so it is difficult for dirt to stay. Therefore, you will not need to worry about bacteria or unpleasant smells accumulating on your toilet surface anymore!

Visit us on our website @
or our local showrooms to find out more information on EVTB toilets!

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