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How do I find out the proper size of a Chandelier for over the dining room table?

November 8th, 2011 | Posted by SaveMore in Chandelier | lighting

Just like your foyer, the size of the room will determine the size of the chandelier needed. Add together the width and length of the room and that will give you the diameter in inches for a chandelier. (Ex. 5ft x 10ft = 15 diameter chandelier. ) If your dining room is large, a quick rule of thumb is roughly 1/2 of your table size. The bottom of the chandelier should be no lower than 30 inches from the top of the table.

This chandelier for example has a width of 32”. For more of our chandeliers, visit our site here.

If you are concerned if the chandelier will give you enough light, examine at the wattage of the chandelier. The light above has 15 40 watt bulbs altogether. You may also want to try installing a dimmer switch for more control. With a dimmer switch, you’ll always have the perfect amount of light, whether you’re having a dinner party or an intimate night with your partner.

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