5 Ways To Make Your Home Cozier!


Sweater weather is here and with it the need to make your home a cozy bubble… We're here to help you achieve it!

Light fixtures by ET2 Lighting

Focal and warm-toned lights

Creating layers of light with different shades and styles can make a massive impact on the general look and feel of a space, being the simplest way to completely transform a room.

For example, you can use table and floor lamps to create a serene reading corner while playing with colours and shapes to match your design style. You can also use an accent pendant or chandelier to create a focal point or bring warmth to an entire room with warm-toned lights. Shown in the image above are the Rover (left) and the Swank (right) sconces by ET2 – perfect examples of adding warmth to your space by adding warm tones and accent lighting.

Candles and imagery by Venus et Fleur

Candles everywhere!

The soft glow of a nice candle is an instant mood-setter that any room can beneficiate from. Plus, it smells super nice ❤️

Light fixtures and imagery by Maxim Lighting

Different fabrics, textures and colours

Chunky knits, throw blankets, fluffy rugs and lots of pillows will set the tone for your home! This is perhaps the easiest way to style your home to the current season. Fall/Winter is notorious for the use of prints, knits, and warm colours, all while keeping comfort in mind.

You can use these elements to play with different colours, create focal points and mix and match styles to your heart's desire. Even better when your light fixtures add to the materials of choice within the room!

Bathtub and imagery by Native Trails

Updated bathrooms

Fall means long warm baths, so make your bathroom a place you would like to spend time in!

If you are not yet ready for a full renovation, you can always try different styles with peel-and-stick tiles and different decor items until you find what you like. An update can include the addition of wine glass holders and a book prop for your bathtub, which are some of the accessories we carry!

However, when you do discover what you love, remember that you can always find it at Save More Plumbing & Lighting 👀

Light fixtures and imagery by Maxim Lighting

Bring nature inside

Easy-to-keep plants or seasonal flowers, no matter what you choose, bring a little bit of green to your home and see any room go from nay to yay in a heartbeat!

Even if you are not much of a plant mom/dad and struggle to keep them alive, you can still benefit from having a touch of greenery at your home by cheating the game and getting some faux ones. Don't worry, we won't tell! 🤫

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