Bath Rituals And Recipes To Renew Your Energy For 2021

Bath Rituals and Recipes to Renew Your Energy for 2021

We all know it is a much-needed renewal, after a year like 2020

New Year's Negativity-Cleansing Bath

This ritual is said to remove all negativity from the past year and start the new year off refreshed and on a positive note.


Step One

Clean your bathtub and take your regular day-to-day shower. Remember that this bath is more about energy than hygiene, so you want to be clean before starting. 

Step Two

Fill your bathtub with warm water and add a cup of Epsom or Sea salt, stirring it into the bathwater.

Step Three

Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the water. Sage is highly cleansing and ideal for banishing negativity, whilst Frankincense is perfect for getting in touch with your inner self and setting goals.

Step Four

Get into the water and allow your mind to clear and focus on joyous and happy memories, visualize growth and positivity. Prepare yourself for better days by thinking about your goals and aspirations.

Step Five

Light the white candle, which represents purity, new beginnings, and a clearing of your path ahead.

Soak in the bath for as long as you feel comfortable.

Step Six

As you exit the bath, envision your struggles and fears and all the negativity you want to leave in the water behind you.

Watch the water drain out, visualizing all the negativity of the past draining out and invite in all the positive energy of change and fresh starts.

New Year's Prosperity Bath

This may look like a baking recipe, but according to one of our Instagram followers, it is a Brazillian practice that has been passed down by many generations. It is said to bring prosperity into your life.


Step One

Boil the water with all the ingredients except the candle.

Turn off the heat, cover the pan and let it sit until it is warm.

Step Two

Strain the liquid and throw it in your body from the neck down.

Take your regular hygiene shower and dry naturally.

Step Three

Light the candle and manifest or visualize prosperity and express gratitude for everything good that happened this year. 

Step Four

As for the materials that you strained out of the water – take it to a garden that you believe is prosperous. Usually, very lush gardens in ideal locations are indicative of prosperity.

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