Help someone in need this holiday.

Savemore Plumbing and Lighting’s holiday food drive is back in Your area this December, supporting the Surrey, and Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Your donation can be a great way to support your local community and make the holidays special for so many people.

Savemore will be accepting all food or cash donations at our two showrooms located at 12387 84th Ave in Surrey & 1790 Kingsway in Vancouver which will go to the local food banks. Donations are open from December 4th until December 22nd when they will be picked up and distributed just in time for the holidays for people in need.

Non-food donations

Remember, as vital as your non perishable goods are, cash donations are just as important – maybe more-so. Monetary donations allow food banks to buy perishable fresh food items for families to provide a healthy source of nutrition which prevents illness and raises the overall quality of life for underprivileged people, and physical well-being plays a major role in chronic poverty. There are many ways to provide a monetary donation besides cash available on both Food Bank donation websites including things you might not be aware of like BC Grocery Sharing Coupons.

All cash and food donations made before December 22nd will be Matched by us at Savemore so let’s start looking through our pantries today and let’s all give as much as we can because it CAN make a difference and so can we!

If you would like to Donate Directly to a local Food Bank charity you can do so here.