With the City of Vancouver announcing fines and penalties for individuals and businesses that do not comply with social distancing requirements, we thought we should update you with the precautions we are taking while remaining operational:


Showroom Visits



At the moment we are accepting visitors to our showroom under the condition that you are not sick and will comply with the social distancing requirements put forth by our government officials. Here are some updated procedures:

  • Please respect the boundaries indicated by green tape within our showrooms to ensure you are at an acceptable distance from our sales representatives and vice versa.
  • Email your dedicated sales representative or sales@savemoreplumbing.com to set up a Virtual Showroom Visit! This is done using video-calling technology. No need to leave your home to see what we have on display!
  • A no-handshake-policy is in place throughout our organization. Let’s maintain personal space and abide by social distancing!

Picking-up Orders

  • Call us ahead of time — we will have your order ready outside of our building. No need to come inside! 
  • If you are exhibiting any symptoms resembling a flu-like illness, stay home. We can arrange to have your products delivered to your doorstep if you need them right away. Our drivers are not permitted to come into close contact with customers at this time and therefore cannot drop your products off inside your home. We hope you understand this temporary precautionary measure. 


  • Will take place for essential orders so long as couriers are still active and we have the capacity to use our in-house fleet.
  • As mentioned above, our drivers will not be entering homes at this time and are instructed to strictly abide by this. Your order will be dropped off outside the entrance of your site. Please respect this procedure at this time, it is for the health and safety of everyone involved. 

Placing Orders & Quote Requests

  • Call us or email sales@savemoreplumbing.com to place orders and request for quotes.
  • We accept e-transfers in lieu of cash! At this time we prefer to not receive cash, all other payment methods are encouraged. Cash is not the most sanitary payment method out there, and requires our team to make trips to bank branches, further increasing contact with people outside of our immediate circles. We hope you understand. 

    • Contact us to obtain e-transfer information to make a payment.
  • We are working on making our online systems more efficient in terms of placing orders. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming weeks. 
  • We have plenty of items in stock and will work with you to meet your needs. 
  • Local manufacturers (and some international manufacturers ) may still be operating, however please anticipate delays in shipments from sources we do not have in stock. 


Our goal is to stay fully operational for as long as we can while prioritizing the health and safety of our staff and customers.

Please subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on changes to these procedures. 


Stay healthy,




Narottam Handa