The End of the Toilet Paper Crisis

Panic is in the air. The global spread of a deadly virus has led to people around the world stocking up on…toilet paper? We do not remember the last time toilet paper went out of stock, so why the panic over this essential item? Does quarantine do things to your digestive system that we are unaware of?

When it comes to your sacred time on the throne, you should not have to worry about having enough TP to clean your behind.

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have been utilizing an environmentally friendly and sanitary method to clean up after conducting their business on the toilet. Using water. Research shows that washing with clean water stops the spread of disease (O'Neil, 2019). This applies to taking showers, washing your hands, and cleaning your behind.

Enter, the bidet. The French invented the bidet back in the 1700s (O'Neil, 2019), however the practice of cleaning your behind with water predates the invention of this ingenious product. Fast forward to today and we have so many different variations of this invention. From entire toilets configured with 'smart' toilet seats, to attachable bidets compatible with virtually all toilets on the market worldwide.

Benefits Of Using A Bidet


Americans are estimated to use a whopping 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper every year" (Barcella, 2017). Producing one roll of toilet paper uses 37 gallons of water and 1.5 pound of wood (Barcella, 2017). Using a bidet uses only about one pint of water (Barcella, 2017).


Studies have shown that using bidets help residents of nursing homes with defecating (Cohen-Mansfield et al, 2005), reduce the bacteria content in urine, and help relieve pressure from the anus while also improving blood circulation in the area (Hsu KF et al, 2009). This shows that the use of a bidet "may provide symptomatic relief in patients who have hemorrhoids" (Barcella, 2017).

Research is still mixed on how bidets affect vaginal health, as they are safe to use however may disrupt the normal bacterial flora, leading to vaginal infection (O'Neil, 2019). Our advice is to stick to using bidets to clean your bum until further research is conducted.

Bidets That We Carry

No matter your budget, we have a bidet variation for you! Majority of these can be installed by yourself, giving you something to do during self-isolation. Two birds, one stone.

Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd.: Valley Bidet

This is by far our favourite contender for many reasons.

  1. This is compatible with all toilets approved for sale in North America.
  2. You can install it yourself!
  3. No need for electrical connection! All you need is a water line.
  4. It is sold by a Canadian company! They are known for their bathtubs and showerbases manufactured right here in British Columbia.
  5. The price.

You have no reason to be cleaning out the TP on grocery store shelves with such a budget-friendly alternative on the market. 

This is available for purchase online via

Click here to purchase Pro-tip: Sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off your first order! 

Fraser International Trading: Clean Touch Bidets

Here is where we get more high-tech. 

The technology of CleanTouch's line of bidets is comparable to industry leaders. The many options listed on their website differ in terms of their user interface and slight differences in the features per unit. Each model comes with comfort features such as a heated seat and night light. These products are made in South Korea and sold worldwide. Contact us for pricing information on the model of your choice! 

As the features and level of integrated technology increases, so does the complexity of the install. These seats require an electrical connection, so if you have that near your toilet, installation is easy-peasy for CleanTouch products. If not, you're better off with the Valley Bidet.


TOTO USA: Washlet & Washlet +

We can't talk about bidets without mentioning TOTO's extensive line of smart toilet seats. This is where the price starts to elevate, however so does your experience. While the features provided by TOTO are available with the CleanTouch seats as well, the TOTO user-interface is quite advanced and looks pretty, even with the base-model. 

The Washlet model can be installed on toilets approved for sale in North America, and the Washlet+ models are specifically designed for TOTO toilets. This means that the Washlet+ option is great for you if you are looking to upgrade your entire toilet. 

These TOTO items require an electrical connection, putting them on par with our previous option in terms of installation. The only model that does not require an electrical connection is their 'travel' bidet, which is a bit hands-on and completely manual. However, browse on their website through their many options and contact us for pricing!


VOVO USA: Bidet Seat & Integrated Toilet

VOVO is a South Korean manufacturer providing a user-interface comparable to TOTO. They provide bidet seats individually, or integrated toilets similar to TOTO. While the individual seats are available for purchase directly from their website, contact us for special discounted pricing! The integrated toilets are available for purchase through us, contact us for more information!

We hope this information helps you make more informed choices for your bathroom needs!

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