These days, it can be hard for homeowners across Canada to find the best products for their home renovations. Simple bathroom remodels can involve a lot of detail, requiring individuals to thoroughly plan out their design scheme in order to ensure the best results. If you are looking for a bathtub through one of your local home improvement stores, the options may be limited. SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting is here to serve as your reliable plumbing store in Vancouver and Surrey, delivering high-end results that are sure to exceed our clients’ expectations while staying within their budgets. We have the experience and inventory needed to find quality solutions for projects of all sizes.

Tasks as straightforward as choosing a new tub can prove challenging in the face of thousands of design choices. Our lighting and plumbing showrooms alone boast hundreds of materials, designs, colours, finishes, and more to perfectly match your style. One timeless style that can enhance the results of your renovation is the freestanding tub. Today, we’ll briefly highlight a few of the top benefits that freestanding tubs can provide for your home or business. From residential applications to commercial plumbing supply, the SaveMore team is here to provide top-tier results!

Established Style

It can be hard to ignore the impact that the freestanding tub plays in your bathroom design. This tub predates running water, and its beauty can establish the mood and theme for your space. Most Vancouver homes feature modern plumbing fixtures, relying on styles that all follow a similar design. Freestanding tubs stand apart from the crowd, providing a full spectrum of quality when used correctly in your new design. Guests are sure to stop and do a double-take when they see your tub, so be sure to make the most of it!

Design Versatility

Homeowners in need of versatile plumbing fixture designs can benefit greatly from the styles available for their freestanding tubs. From residential to commercial plumbing demands, freestanding tubs can be built to suit a wide range of industries while relying on a wide range of materials, including:

  • Copper. Copper tubs are beautiful, sanitary, and built to last. Many BC residents rely on copper tubs because they conduct heat beautifully, delivering long-term relaxation that is sure to meet your standards for luxury plumbing.
  • Cast iron. This material is a durable choice for those seeking out a strong, timeless tub. This timeless fixture is comprised of iron and covered with porcelain for a luxurious experience every time you bathe.
  • Stainless steel. Freestanding tubs made from stainless steel are perfect for those across Vancouver seeking a modern style. This steel is coated for maximum protection from moisture, delivering quality aesthetics with minimal concern for wear or maintenance.
  • Stone. Stone tubs can be a beneficial addition to any high-end remodeling project, serving as the centerpiece in a room designed for beauty. Stunning, refined details will help to drive home the luxury of your design.
  • Solid-surface. These machined tubs are comprised of resinous materials that are sure to meet a wide range of style demands. This luxury tub style allows for maximum durability and design flexibility, giving consumers the ability to incorporate daring curves into their remodel. With everything incorporated into the tub, including drains and pipes, you’re left with a smooth finish!
  • Acrylic. Acrylic freestanding tubs comprise the majority of options available, and for good reason. This plumbing material is lightweight, durable, and affordable. Expect convenience and quality when you invest in an acrylic tub from SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting.

Your freestanding tub can be updated with a pedestal or legs to further customize the look of your bathroom renovations. If you are in need of a luxury bathtub for your Vancouver or Surrey home, be sure to stop by one of our local plumbing stores to find the best design choices!

Location Advantages

Unlike built-in tubs, which rely on the floor and walls of your bathroom for support, freestanding tubs have the advantage of standing freely wherever they are placed. If you are planning on mixing up your plumbing fixtures, it may prove ideal to introduce a tub that can go anywhere. Bathroom renovations for larger spaces can introduce more freedom, as homeowners can place their luxury bathtub in the center of the room for a dramatic statement.

Open Floor Feels

The raised nature of a freestanding tub provides ample space beneath, giving Vancouver homeowners the perfect chance to show off the tile below. This spacious choice is also useful for smaller bathrooms, as a freestanding tub can help to create more depth. When utilized correctly, your space will feel larger and more luxurious than ever!

Investing in the perfect bathtub can yield amazing results for renovations of all sizes and budgets. If you’re in need of a reliable plumbing store in Vancouver with the inventory and experience needed for success, SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting is here and happy to help. Our home design experts can help you to find the most beautiful and luxurious plumbing fixtures available. Call today or stop by one of our home design showrooms for assistance!