Home improvement stores everywhere strive to provide the best selection of lighting products, plumbing fixtures, and more to ensure that customers find the perfect fit for their unique projects. It is essential to stock a wide array of products, coming in a wide selection of materials, textures, designs, colours, and so on to tailor a personalized solution for each consumer. While many local plumbing stores in Vancouver supply a range of products, few can match the quality and versatility of SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting. For years, our high-end remodeling experts have worked hard to provide the guidance and inventory needed for a successful outcome across a wide range of projects.

When it comes to your new bathtub, it will be important to choose the right type of tub and then customize it with your favorite design options. Freestanding tubs are a popular addition to bathroom renovations across British Columbia, giving homeowners the ability to introduce luxury fixtures into their schemes without the luxury price tag. Today, we’ll give you an idea of the design options at your disposal by highlighting a few styles and add-ons that can enhance your home’s beauty.

A Style For Every Home

  • Single-ended tubs feature one rounded side designed for comfort while bathing. This style is a popular option across the country.
  • Double-ended bathtubs are twinlike in nature, featuring curved ends on both sides to double the lounging comfort. Many couples invest in this freestanding tub, coupling it with a center-mounted faucet for complete luxury.
  • Single slippers are tubs that rely on one straight edge for housing the plumbing fixtures while the curved end stretches into a long surface ideal for lounging. Bathers in need of extra back support can benefit from this tub style.
  • Double slippers are similar to double-ended tubs in that both sides are stretched into long, comfortable surfaces for bathing at ease. Install a faucet in the center, and you are good to go!
  • Soaking tubs follow the Japanese style for those seeking out a full bath experience without the space to do so. Apartment owners in Vancouver can benefit from this space-efficient freestanding tub.
  • Walk-in tubs are often installed for customers in need of ADA-compliant fixtures or something similar. By teaming up with Valley Acrylic, SaveMore is able to provide a wide range of walk-in bathtubs for our customers in need.

Additional Features

Beyond the design of the freestanding tub itself, you can focus on several add-ons that can further the theme of your bathroom’s new style. SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting is proud to provide the best bathroom remodeling solutions across Vancouver and Surrey, and our team is happy to help you find the extra features to complete your project, including:

  • Clawfoot bases. A clawfoot tub features legs to elevate your freestanding tub, coming in a wide range of materials and designs to luxuriously raise the bar for quality. Some bases enclose the entire bottom of the tub while others feature intricate patterns.
  • Decorative bases. Homeowners can place their tub on a base designed to enhance the space’s overall beauty. Many bases of this style incorporate storage solutions underneath for user convenience.
  • Roll-top finishes. Regardless of your tub’s shape, a roll top features a curve along the top edges for a smooth, comfortable finish.

Mounting Options

In most cases, your freestanding tub will arrive with pre-drilled holes ready to receive a faucet installation. Consumers investing in the lasting beauty of a freestanding bathtub will likely deal with a tap deck for mounting procedures. This flat area will reside on the ridge at the foot of your tub or on one of the sides. In some tub applications, shoppers will be required to drill their own holes for mounting. Some tub materials, such as cast iron, may come with holes drilled on the inner walls of the tub. This allows for the full assembly of your freestanding fixture to reside within the basin.

Homeowners who opted for rolled rims will likely be unable to install a faucet on the tub itself. You can mount this hardware on an adjacent wall or invest in a freestanding faucet mount for the best results.

SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting is here to serve as your trusted plumbing store in Vancouver and Surrey, delivering unbeatable quality to match our high-end remodeling solutions. Contact us today to learn more or stop by one of our two locations to find the luxury plumbing fixtures you need!