Home kitchen design has evolved to become a complex process, involving hundreds of elements all working in tandem to produce a cohesively beautiful result that will improve your daily comfort and experience, your guests’ impressions, and your home’s overall value. Homeowners looking for high-end plumbing supplies in Surrey or Vancouver can benefit from shopping SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting’s expansive inventory of luxury home remodeling products. For years, our team has worked to deliver stunning results for every customer we assist, combining our industry knowledge with the best plumbing fixtures, accessories, and supplies in the business.

While our last blog post featured a few kitchen sinks and faucets to perfectly enhance your other renovations, today, we’ll look more into the accessories and add-ons that can truly personalize your kitchen design. Be sure to visit one of our lighting and plumbing showrooms if you are ready to begin your project!

Kitchen Accessories

From a sink undermount kit to the strainer protecting your plumbing, every add-on in your kitchen is designed to make life better. Homeowners planning on installing high-quality sinks and faucets during their kitchen renovation can gain even more satisfaction from acquiring the perfect accessories.

Sink Grids

Your new sink will look great from the moment you install it, so be sure to protect it with products such as sink bottom grids. These protective grids sit in the bottom of your basin, elevated slightly from the bottom to keep wear and tear away from the beautiful finish. Customers love how this simple device can keep away impacts, scratches, gouges, as well as stains from dirty dishes. Sink grids are also helpful in providing a slight softness, reducing the impact placed on your glassware. This sink accessory can be found in a number of finishes to create a beautiful focal point within your bowl.

Sink Strainers and Plugs

SaveMore is here to provide both form and function for your kitchen, and every product we offer serves to enhance your home design. Sink strainers are often ignored when updating plumbing fixtures, but remember that this small device can protect your sink while also improving the aesthetics. A perfect fit ensures your investment is protected, so be sure to find the right plumbing supplies from a qualified retailer!

SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting is here to serve as your source for high-end kitchen remodeling products and solutions. Be sure to stop by one of our lighting and plumbing showrooms for assistance!

Soap Dispensers

Who can say no to the beauty and convenience offered by a soap and lotion dispenser? Shoppers can find an array of dispenser styles available in numerous colours, finishes, textures, and more. These devices are small, affordable, and can make a big impact in the functionality of your sink. Homeowners who make the most out of their kitchen renovations cite the most satisfaction when investing in small details to make their space unique. Personalized elements such as soap dispensers, caddies, and a variety of small features can make a big difference, so be sure to do your research before visiting your local plumbing store.

Built-In Coffee Machines

Homeowners looking for a truly stunning way to enhance the luxury of their kitchen can benefit from investing in a TopBrewer machine. This innovative kitchen supply company has developed a top-notch technological feat, supplying a range of high-quality drinks for every taste. Customers who have purchased this fixture from our plumbing stores in Surrey and Vancouver cite their love for its seamless design, as this under-counter machine hides a majority of its components. You’ll be left with a smooth, unobstructed counter with a beautiful faucet that is easy to set up, maintain, and will provide years of comfort and convenience.

While often reserved for commercial applications such as restaurants and hotels, this plumbing fixture can easily be installed in the home for personal enjoyment. Be sure to stop by one of our high-end plumbing stores to learn more about this amazing technology!

Regardless of your personal or commercial plumbing needs, the team here at SaveMore Plumbing & Lighting is happy to deliver the best results to customers across Southern British Columbia. Our high-end lighting and plumbing stores in Vancouver and Surrey are here to deliver luxurious results that are as affordable as they are beautiful. Contact us online for immediate assistance, and be sure to visit one of our two showrooms to begin your kitchen remodel!